FAQ Pictrad

What is Pictrad ?

Pictrad is a marketplace of amateurs’ pictures. A photographer can share his/her work via the mobile app or site with collectors or photographs’ lovers. It is possible to buy a photographer the right to print or the property rights of his/her picture. The new owner can in turn sell the printing or property rights.

What is the difference between ‘rinting rights’ and ‘property rights’?

The owner of the picture may choose to sell the "printing Rights" and/or "property rights" of his/her picture. In the first case, the purchaser shall only print a copy of the photo, in the second case, the buyer becomes the owner of the photo and can in turn sell the "printing rights" and/or the "property rights" at the price he chooses.

What is the difference between "printing right" and print of the photo?

The owner of a photo can sell to another user the "right to print" his/her photo. Once the buyer will have this right, he/she will have to buy the final print to our professional printing service provider.

What is a credit?

The credit is the monetary unit between Pictrad’s users. With these credits a user can purchase the printing or property rights from one photo to another user. The credits can be bought and converted via Pictrad’s website (www.pictrad.com). This transaction is done via PayPal. A credit is equal to 10 cents, and the user can ask to convert its credits at any time from EUR 15 (150 credits).

Why can’t I pay my impression with these credits?

A credit is the currency being used between users on mobile and Puctrad’s website. The printer is a professional printing company which is only Pictrad’s partner, so you have to pay for its work with euros.

What means "suitable for all public"?

Pictrad is an application for all audiences. Photographs should therefore not offend the sensitivity of users. On the website only, it is possible to view pictures for informed public of lawful age. However, we reserve the right to moderate any photo that does not correspond to the artistic sensitivity of Pictrad.

I took a photo with the application but I do not want her to be seen by other users.

No problem. After taking a photo with the application, it is stored in an album locally on your smartphone. It will be published on the marketplace (and thus visible to other users) only if you want it. If you feel that the picture shall not be published, you can specify that it is a ‘private photo’. In this case, the picture finally exits from the application and can be found in the private album of your phone as if you had taken it with the native photo application on your smartphone.

Why should I fill out a form before you publish the photo on the marketplace?

The publication on the marketplace requires that you provide some information:
- the "tags" or "reference words" so that other users can find a photo by searching for specific topics (the more specific you are, the better your photo will be visible to other users).
- a title for your submission (this is optional).
- a price for printing rights and / or rights of the photo (if you want to change the default stated price).
- specify if the photo is suitable for all public (if this is not the case, it will only be visible on the website).

How to fix a price?

You are free to set up the price you want to sell both the printing rights and property rights of your photo. However, we advise you to remain moderate. If your work is not yet recognized in Pictrad’s community, an excessive prices may limit sales. By default, the application proposes a reasonable price. Of course you can change it at any time.

Why should I buy the rights of a picture?

You really like a specific picture and you do not want another user to own it. Or you think you have found an artist and you want to buy his/her picture before others do and then make money by selling prints or reselling the rights of the picture once this artist has been recognized by the community.

Is there any fees on transactions?

Yes, we take a commission of 10% rounded down credit transactions. For example:
- transaction of 9 credits: we take nothing.
- transaction of 28 credits: we take 2 credits, the seller thus keeps 26 credits.
- transaction of 134 credits: we take 13 credits, the seller thus keeps 121 credits